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Delphi hot shot emergency diesel fuel additive 12/case

Delphi Hot Shot Emergency Diesel Fuel Additive 12/Case
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Treats 50 gallons diesel fuel per Bottle
Delphi Diesel Emergency Hot Shot is a blend of ingredients designed to dissolve ice and wax formations in gelled fuel. Hot shot is non-toxic, biodegradable, does not contain methanol or related light alcohols and is completely compatible with all types of fuel. Hot Shot is intended only for use in gelled fuels. We recommend the use of Delphi Advantage diesel fuel additive (Stanadyne Performance Formula or Power Service Diesel Supplement +Cetane Boost will work as well) to prevent gelling or freezing of diesel fuel.
Treats 50 gallons per 16 oz bottle
Diesel Fuel Additve Made in The USA
Emergency Diesel Fuel Additive:
Add 8 oz. for every 25 gallons of fuel. Disconnect fuel filter assembly, remove any gelled fuel. Add a 50/50 mix of fuel and Hot Shot (2-3 ounces) to the assembly and reconnect. Wait 15-20 minutes before attempting to restart.
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